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Discover Mongolia Jeep Tour

image012 Our company Mungun Agt can also organize for you jeep tours around Mongolia. These tours will show you the highlights of Mongolia. You will explore the beauty of this land, the culture of its people. During this tours you can get the knowledge of Mongolian history, National Reserves, National Parks, Lakes and of course the Culture of this great country.
Take the seldom explored paths through the expanses of the legendary Gobi Desert, drive along the breathtaking rolling hills of Central Mongolia and cross various rivers. Live Mongolia the way no other means will offer you.  On the road explore the grounds of mystical cities, age old monasteries and ancient monuments. Socialize and enjoy the hospitality of the Mongolian nomads.

Try the local barbecue and spend an evening with nomads to experience the traditional way of living in the vast steppes of Mongolia.  The jeep tours can be arranged along your requirements. They can take from 2 days to 2 weeks. In autumn and winter, we also organize very special hunting trips.

The Mungun Agt forest is famous as a home for wolves, boar and antelopes. The local guides can take you to areas in the forest either just to see the wolves or we can arrange the licences to hunt.

Boat Trip

image010 The Kherlen river leisurely boat trips can be arranged downstream stopping to fish or visit the local families. The trip takes one day and can range from 20 to 50 km. The lunch stop can be arranged  both as a picnic at the riverside or a traditonal meal in one of the local nomadic families.

Horse & Camel Riding Trips

image004 The most authentic way to experience Mongolia is to travel on horseback accompanied by nomads; explore the mountains, forest and steppes on the hardy Mongolian horses.

Horse riding is a great way to see the region and to experience the Mongolian way of life; riding is the primary form of transport in the countryside. The horses are traditional Mongolian ponies, small by European standards, but thoroughly suited for the rugged environment. Local guides look after the horses and give you any assistance. Rides can range from a couple of hours along the river to longer treks of a week or more.

For groups of tourists, we can organize horse treks for more days, including the trek to the famous Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, where the great Empire of the Chinggis Khaan was first established 800 years ago.

Hiking & Trekking Trips

image002 The rugged Khenty Mountains are one of the outstanding mountain walking and trekking destinations, with an enormous diversity of landscapes, wild life and spectacular ridge walks.
A walking trek through the Khenty Mountains to the Mungun Valley can be arranged on the traditional trails used by the nomads between their summer pastures and winter quarters.
There are a number of trekking choices around the camp. The distances and the levels are both for the beginners and the more experienced hikers. The best times to visit the camp for the trekking purposes are from June until September. We will meet many nomads and can visit the nomadic families to learn more about their traditional way of life.

Mongolian Fly Fishing Trip

image008 The Mungunmorit soum’s region is a fisherman’s paradise.

The Kherlen river is one of the biggest rivers in Mongolia and there are a number of species of fish, but the most commonly caught are taimen and lenok. The lenok is a type of a trout and the taimen is the legendary fish that can grow over 150 cm and 35 kg.

These fish can be caught from the riverbank using spinners and fly rods. Rods and other fishing equipment can be borrowed from the camp. The late June until September are the best time for the fishing. We will arrange all the transport, fishing licences and necessary supplies.