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Camp Equipment Service

Mungun Agt Travel Agency offers rental services of good camping equipments to make your Mongolia trip easier and more enjoyable. We guarantee fair price and good quality!
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Mongolian Car Rental Service

image001 Mungun Agt Travel Agency provides the most reliable vehicles with best drivers to make your custom tour more comfortable, a lot more enjoyable and much safer. Our cars are all in good condition and the drivers are all experienced so well. Please read the given information and make your choice. Please note there’s no car rental in Mongolia. Instead we offer cars with drivers.

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Mongolian Visa Support Information

List of countries and regions with non-visa
Regime for all types of passport holders

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Mongolian Visa Support Service

Mungun Travel Agency gives visa support – a letter of invitation to travelers visiting Mongolia and Russia and helps to get Chinese re-entry visa. Getting invitation letter from our company will help you to get Mongolian visa easily and it is very simple. Please read and follow the instructions below.

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Train ticket

image002 Trans Mongolian Route – is not arguably the most interesting route. The weekly Trans-Mongolian (train 4 eastbound, train 3 westbound) train leaves Moscow for Beijing every Tuesday night. The 7,621 km (4,735 mile) journey takes 6 days. This train crosses Siberia, cuts across Mongolia and the Gobi desert, then enters China and passes through the Great Wall.

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Air Ticket Service

image001 One of only 2 ways to enter Mongolia is by air plane. Nowadays getting to Mongolia from different parts of the world is becoming easier and easier thanks to the Mongolian and other Forign Airlines like Air China, Korean Air etc… Many airlines now fly to a variety of international destinations which are easy stopover points for any traveler coming from the USA, Europe, Australia and Asian other countries.

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Mongolian Guest House Reservation

image002 During tourist peak seasons most tourists face accommodation problems because of fully booked hotels and guesthouses. And tourists travel by Trans Siberian train, usually want to stay at the guesthouses for their short trips. To help you with this, we are happy to book the best and affordable guesthouse for you.

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Mongolian Leading Hotels


To avoid you from facing accommodation problems in Mongolia due to full bookings during the tourist peak season and any unreliable services, Mungun Agt Travel Agency is happy to book the best hotels for you. We guarantee you the most reasonable price. Booking a hotel through our company is very simple. Please choose the hotel you wish to stay at and follow the instructions below.

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