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Welcome To Mungun Agt Camp

The Japan-Mongolian joint “Mungun agt” tourist camp is located at the bank of the Herlen river, territory of the Mungunmorit soum, 185 km northeast from Ulaanbaatar. The camp has traditional gers as well as wooden log cabins. There is a 10-walls grand ger which can be used for workshops, trainings and other events. The ger is made of handcarved wood and can fit in 50-60 people.

Our resort can serve 50 to 70 guests at a time. The Camp restaurant have 70 seats, and a capacity for 120-people banquet. Laundry, hot and cold running water, sauna, flush toilets are there just for your comfort. Our professional cooks will offer you different types of Mongolian traditional food, delicious Asian and European meals, hot and cold beverages to make your stay more pleasant and relaxed. We have English and Japanese speaking guides and also can hire translators for other languages. On request, we also organize interesting lectures and talks on history, culture and traditions of Mongolians.

Unforgettable Events At Mungun Agt

Campfire Event

We plan and organize beautiful campfire event. It provides an occasion for getting people together for enjoying one another's company and spending time together under the stars, something we don't much do these days. Some plays fun games, some enjoys fire and some likes to sit beside fire and sing songs.

We also serves fire grilled foods and beverages by request.

Horseback riding

The most authentic way to experience Mongolia is to travel on horseback accompanied by nomads; explore the mountains, forest and steppes on the hardy Mongolian horses.

Horse riding is a great way to see the region and to experience the Mongolian way of life; riding is the primary form of transport in the countryside. The horses are traditional Mongolian ponies, small by European standards, but thoroughly suited for the rugged environment. Local guides look after the horses and give you any assistance. Rides can range from a couple of hours along the river to longer treks of a week or more.

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