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The Japan-Mongolian joint “Mungun agt” tourist camp is located at the bank of the Herlen river, territory of the Mungunmorit soum, 185 km northeast from Ulaanbaatar. The camp has traditional gers as well as wooden log cabins. There is a 10-walls grand ger which can be used for workshops, trainings and other events. The ger is made of handcarved wood and can fit in 50-60 people.

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If you decided to travel Mongolia, feeling Mongolian fresh air, blue sky, knowing about ancient Mongolia, Great Chinggis Khaan's History, expriencing Mongolian Tradition, fly fishing taimen.

Then you are just visited your right place.

We can offer you amazing tours or you can organize your own trip with us. With our help you can organize your trip just filling some applications

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